12.5" Fusion Luxe Hybrid Mattress


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Enjoy the splendid comfort of the Fusion Luxe, a hybrid mattress featuring the signature feel of MLILY Smart Foam, a breathable synthetic latex that actively adapts to your body’s natural contours. This mattress is also encased with a signature Ice-Fabric cover that provides a cooler sleep surface all night.

Cooling Fabric: The cool knit fabric is designed to enhance air-flow and breathability, creating a cooler, more complete sleep.

Gel AirCell Foam: Specialized Gel AirCell Foam is scientifically engineered to provide a unique layer of our supreme Performance Memory Foam infused with  breathable, temperature-regulating AirCell Technology. 1.5”

MLILY Smart Foam: Specially crafted Smart Foam is breathable, flexible, and actively adapts to your body’s natural contours. It provides all the benefits of latex while being allergy free. 1.5”

Zoned Aero-Flex Foam: A unique layer of Zoned Aero-Flex Foam is aerodynamically designed to provide consistent air-flow and adaptability. 1.5

Pocket Springs: It’s one thing to have Memory Foam, it’s another to carefully layer in Pocket Springs. 1000 of our soft Series X-springs bring out the performance of this mattress. 6.3”

Flex Support Border: Built to provide corner-to-corner support, relieving the natural pressure of your body weight.

Flex Support Foam: A final layer of Flex Support Foam is added to provide corner-to-corner support, ensuring a deeper, more regenerative night’s sleep. 1.5”