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MLILY NU series adjustable bases are designed to be portable and light weight so they can be drop-shipped to your residence via UPS or FedEx. Having an adjustable power base in the bedroom can improve your overall sleep experience and has been known to help with various health issues. They come with a wireless remote control and preset positions are available for your convenience. 

Head and Foot Articulation: Independent Head (0-60 degrees) & Foot (0-45 degrees) Incline - Sleeping at an incline aligns your spine, opens airways, relieves congestion for anti-snore solution, relieves throat stress and acid reflux for better digestion. You can easily sit up in bed to watch TV, work on a laptop, or read a book without extra pillows and experience exceptional back support that relieves nerve and joint pressure all night.
LED Lighting: Convenient under bed nightlight.
Wireless Remote: Includes built-in flashlight.
Pre Set Memory Positions: Zero Gravity, Lounge, TV, Flat preset positions.
Split Sizes: 2 Twin XL bases to make a king size bed controlled synchronously or independently.
Foldable Design: Folding hinge makes shipping more convenient.
5-Minute Assembly: Easy set-up takes less than 5 minutes from box to bed, no expert assembly needed.
Headboard Brackets: Used directly with a headboard, our headboard brackets can attach a headboard to the base directly without needing to purchase a separate bed frame.
750-lb. Lift Capacity